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What to

When you make your booking, you should receive a Google Form link to complete your details before your appointment. This is to maximise our time together at the genetic counselling session and help you avoid paperwork in our offices.


If you are coming for genetic counselling for your child, please note that unless otherwise arranged, you do not need to bring the child to your appointment.


If the child is older and you would like the child to participate in the session, please let us know, and we will happily accommodate that.

If you have any questions about what to expect then please feel free to contact us.

Information to Gather Beforehand

Most genetic counselling sessions begin with the genetic counsellor taking a detailed family history. We, therefore, ask, wherever possible, to come to the session with as much information about the family as possible.


The typical information that we ask is:

  • People in the family who had/have cancer.

    • What age were they when they developed cancer?

    • What type of cancer was it (i.e., breast or colorectal cancer)?

    • Did they have any genetic testing done?

  • If there are family members who have/had genetic conditions, learning difficulties, fertility issues or miscarriages.

    • Did medical professionals see any of these family members?

    • Were any investigations done (i.e., genetic testing or product of conception testing)?


We understand that some family members may not want to share personal and medical information, so it is okay if you are unable to get all the information.

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