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Everyday Science

What is “science”? It seems like a pretty straightforward question, but when it was posed to my honors class on our first day the answers were mixed. Google provides various definitions, and they range from the study of the natural world, human behaviour and physics. We are lead to believe that the term “science” is related to complicated theories, equations and crazy terminology. Sure, for some fields of science that may be true and unavoidable. I would struggle to read a first-year astrophysics textbook I’m sure, but with this blog I hope to reveal that science is not that complicated and is, in fact, interesting. You do not need to study for years on end to be enchanted by the way your own DNA makes copies of itself, because the process itself is quite straightforward if you aren’t too worried with the little details. So, come with me while I try debunk, explain and simplify the world of genetics.

Agar plates ready for bacterial cultures.

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Feb 21, 2019

Looking forward to this

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